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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Prezi for Prezenting

Prezi was first suggested by Sara K-M two years ago when she had learned about from her Father.  So, I decided to explore it because I was starting a new class called Design Technology and I thought it would be cool to have the Design Cycle Model in a Zooming presentation. I wanted to spin around the circle and zoom in on each label with the detailed definition of what that part meant. I still have that original Prezi, but I did not find it as intuitive as the video made it seem. It is difficulty to learn from a video when the creator has a very heavy accent so it was hard to learn how to do it. I went back to Sara and said, "Um, so what do you think of it?" She stated that she too found it difficult but more importantly it made her sea sick and dizzy. I found the same thing, but decided I would not be foiled. After all, other faculty had begun learning it and enjoyed it just fine. Darn, what was wrong with me? I then left that presentation and went onto Emerging Deseases this year and decided to try it again by doing a timeline. This time, I got a lot farther and actually got the time line started and got a few items linked on it. What was frustrated to me was the amount of time it was taking to put up what I thought would be a simple presentation. Last summer, my time was short because I was in all kinds of professional development workshops, working as a consultant for a camp writing curriculum etc. Then school began and well keynote was easier and faster. I left Prezi again and have not been back. It does give me a headache to use it; however, I will not be defeated. I am determine to finish my Design Tech presentation and my Emerging Disease presentation. I have the month of June so I will use the cheat sheet and finish off those presentations. I will just have to do them on short segments so I don't get nauseous.  I have learned a lot of other ways to make presentations fun and interesting with more simplicity but it would be nice to teach my students how to use Prezi as an option.

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