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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Creative Commons, the way to be creative safely.

Pictures and cartoons can be a creative way to keep presentations interesting and entertaining.  Now with ThingLink using pictures is even more enticing.  But, with the change of copy right laws knowing which pictures can be used safely has always been a challenge. Just to be safe I usually have my students cite everything in a works cited page especially when they are giving a presentation and using pictures. Now with Creative Commons, FlickrCC, and Photo Pin,  guiding my students to use these website for their pictures will be part of my curriculum. My plan will be to have students set up their own Diigo, then place their websites like the aforementioned in their account and use it on a more regular basis. My students are always asking me about the things I am learning. Creative Commons will be a must from this point on. I have already placed it in my Diigo account and I am always checking out Sara's. She has great stuff on her account. When and doubt I check out her list because I always know her sites are validated and copyright safe.

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