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Saturday, April 7, 2012


I have been using Glogster for about two years now, but have yet to teach it to my students. The first time I learned about Glogster was through my son Cameron, who used it for a presentation project in 6th Grade. He did a science presentation on the Ocean using Glogster. I sat there and watched him put together his page, then he had me proof it for him and add more items. It looked so easy and fun that I just had to try it myself. I set up my own account and started playing around with it. I have not dedicated a ton of time to creating presentations with it, but hope to put together an entire presentation for my students soon. I tried to get my Emerging Disease students to use it for their presentations on the Flu, but they did not "jump" in with me on that. I started a presentation on Ebola, started one on Food Tech, but have never had time to finish them. In order to get myself to finish a Glogster, I think I will finish the one on Ebola and then I will do one on how to use Google Docs. It is really fun, very easy and allows for a lot of creativity. Try it, you like it!!!

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