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Monday, April 30, 2012

Cartooning: The Digital Way for Recall Enhancement

Today I learned how to use a couple of the cartooning apps that were suggested. The Content Enhancement Routines have a routine called the Recall Routines. Within that are various different devices and several of them are examples of cartooning. We called them the boxing device, the storybook device, or even the imagining device. When I first taught these I would have my students create cartoons or drawings of concepts and link them. What I will do tomorrow in my Emerging Diseases class is to have the students create a cartoon using one of the two that I have signed up for  which are and toondoo, to review for their test on the immune system and to help them review for their exam with regard to mitosis, the parts of the cell. With regard to the cell, students could create a story where the background is the cell, and then people or things can be the part of the cell. Kind of like the "City Cell" or "Cell Cake" to help them review the parts of the cell.  First, it will be used as a reviewing tool, then next year, I would like to use it as a Grabber activity.

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