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Monday, April 30, 2012

14 Things Have Been Tamed

14  Things to Tame was a wonderful way to get me to explore more options with regard to using technology in my classes. The creative side of my brain was totally stimulated and I felt completely at home with most of the programs that were suggested. I liked everything except for Prezi. Not one that I would suggest quickly to a colleague. I would and have already recommended the others and find myself practicing with them regularly.  I have already implemented ThingLink, have been asked by peers to do more Screenr lessons on using Whipple-Hill and DropBox, really enjoyed and plan to implement Voicethread, and have shown students how to improve their researching skills with Google.  For me personally, I used diigo all the time, have my RSS linked to my blog page and will probably go back to setting up a wiki for computer sign ups per grading period.  Its seems to be the easiest for everyone. Evernote is a must and I have downloaded it for my brother on his iPad.  Finally, next year since I will have three different classes, I want the students to maintain their own blog page while they are going through their projects. Alex Funnell did that with his Honors Conceptual Physics students and his Physics students and it has been wonderful. Instead of journaling only in their papers I want them to design and maintain their own blogs where they will journal, post pictures and so on, sending that link to their parents. I have all kinds of plans and ideas for next year which I need to add to my curricular binders. Thank you so much. I was fully motivated and enjoyed the entire experience.

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